Matthew S Harris
custom business software

  • economical
  • easy-to-use
  • easily upgraded
  • user-configurable
  • documented

Mr. Harris serves the San Francisco Bay Area (CA, USA) in person, and other locations electronically.

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— Past clients say —

"You are fantastic!" – G. Allen

"I am very impressed with your Forms Instance Manager." –Dave B.

"…you have done an excellent job on this project." –Gary G.

"…competent and skilled … ethical, trustworthy and honest … –Michael P.

"You really came through for me in a big way & did a great job." –Hannah L.

"…enjoyable to work with … conscientious and dependable…" –Dave P.

"You have done a really good job … very helpful." –Nathalie T.

"I want to express my utmost appreciation…" – Alice C.

"I'm so glad I found you!" – Christine J.

 Matthew S. Harris 

 Designer Developer Writer 

 Desktop & Network Applications

MS Access/MS Office VBA & Visual Studio VB.NET
Solutions for Any Business
Sales ◊ Billing ◊ Inventory ◊ Shipping ◊ Purchasing ◊ Service Orders
Customer Relations
Project & Process Tracking
Contacts Management
Data Conversion
Develop New Applications
Expand & Upgrade Existing MS Office Programs
Lower rates available to 501(c) non-profit corporations.
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