Sell Price & Profit Calculator
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This simple calculator for retail sales computes the net cost of an item (its purchase price plus shipping costs), the selling price for a given markup, net profit, and the amount of sales tax you must charge for an item.
Required fields have red backgrounds.
Optional fields have gray backgrounds.
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Step 1: Enter costs, markup, and tax rate
Item name:
Cost per Unit ($): Shipping cost per Unit ($): Pieces per Unit:
Markup (%): Sales Tax Rate (%):  
Step 2: Calculate (click the button)
Step 3: View results - Net Cost, Net Profit, Sell Price, Sales Tax
Cost per Piece ($): Shipping Cost per Piece ($) Net Cost per Piece ($):
Sell Price ($): Sales Tax ($): Sell Price Including Sales Tax ($):
Net Profit per Piece ($): Net Profit per Piece (%):  
Net Profit per Unit ($): Net Profit per Unit (%):  

The "tape" below records each calculation. To save your calculations, copy and paste the text below.

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