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Matthew S Harris has been in the computer industry since 1980. From 1989 to the present, Matthew has operated a sole-proprietor programming & consulting service, or worked as a contract programmer. Matthew provides application design, database design, programming, technical writing, and consulting services.

Matthew designs and writes applications for both commercial distribution and in-house use for a variety of clients, large and small – public and private companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions. He has taught groups and individuals on a variety of computer topics from basic operating system skills to advanced programming. Matthew is also a skilled technical writer, and is sole author, co-author, or a contributing author of over 20 technical how-to books.

Matthew has produced numerous projects of all scales for various clients using MS Access and other MS Office applications, VBA, Visual Studio VB.NET, and other programming languages.

Matthew currently serves the San Francisco (CA) Bay Area personally, and other United States locations electronically.

Portfolio Materials

Matthew provides demonstration applications & programming libraries in MS Access VBA, Visual Studio VB.NET, and JavaScript. Go to the Software Directory page to see the available applications and source code libraries.

See the Articles Directory for samples of Matthew's writing skills.

This website demonstrates JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills.

The Daily Aphorism widget on the Business Home page demonstrates basic JavaScript and XML database usage.

If you use one of the Contact Me links you'll see a basic demonstration of some PHP/Ajax programming.

Selected Project Case Histories

The rest of this page shows case histories of a few notable contracts. Click on a project/client name to show or hide the Case History description.

Show Detail Author"Business Programming with Excel VBA" e-book for Prof. Gove Allen, Brigham Young University (2016)
Show Detail Data Analyst, Designer, ProgrammerResearch Data Management for Stanford University (2014)
Show Detail Data Analyst, Designer, ProgrammerResearch Data Management for Stanford University & US Department of Energy (2013)
Show Detail ProgrammerMS Access Application Update/Upgrade for Tri-CED Community Recycling, Union City CA (2013)
Show Detail Designer & ProgrammerMS Excel Productivity Tools for WellStaff USA, Maynard MA (2012)
Show Detail Data Analyst, Designer, ProgrammerDonations Management for New Haven Schools Foundation, Union City CA (2009)
Show Detail Data Analyst, Designer, ProgrammerBusiness Data Management & Reporting for VISA USA, Foster City CA (2006 - 2007)
Show Detail Data Analyst, Designer, ProgrammerCustomer Service System for Tri-CED Community Recycling, Union City CA (2005 - 2006)
Show Detail Data Analyst, Designer, ProgrammerPoint Of Transaction System, Shipping & Inventory for Tri-CED Community Recycling, Union City CA (2004 - 2005)
Show Detail Consulting Database Administrator — Sixth International Conference on AIDS, San Francisco CA
Show Detail Consultant & Programmer — University of California - San Francisco: Division of Infectious Disease & S.F. Community Consortium
Show Detail Tutor & Instructor — University of California - Berkeley Extension Services
Show Detail Consultant & Programmer — Kaiser Permanente Department of Research, Oakland, CA
Show Detail IT Specialist — Field-Paoli Associates, San Francisco CA
Show Detail Programmer & Software Designer — Charon Information Systems, Inc., Oakland, CA
Show Detail Prototype Technician — Integrated Automation, Alameda, CA