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Over the course of his career, Matthew has had the good fortune to work in a variety of industries with a variety of companies. Matthew has gained a large skill-set through this wide experience, enabling him to successfully serve just about any type of client. Matthew has designed and implemented solutions for:

The sections below summarize Matthew's skills in specific areas of endeavor. Click a section heading to show more (or less) detail about that skill area.

Show DetailAnalysis and Design

Matthew has 25+ years of experience creating & programming relational databases and database applications for (among others): customer relations (CRM), purchasing, sales, inventory, project/process management, equipment maintenance, surveys, and research trials.

Show DetailProgramming

Matthew has 25+ years of experience developing software in several languages. For the past 15+ years he has worked mostly in Visual Basic (VB), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in MS Access (and other Office applications), and Visual Studio .NET. He has experience with SQL and using MS Access as a front-end to a variety of local and remote databases. He is able to modify, maintain, and debug programs written by others, and has handled data interchange & conversion for data sets with 100k to millions of rows. See the Demo Software directory to see portfolio samples of Matthew's programming efforts.

Show DetailWriting & Documentation

Matthew is a skilled technical writer. He has authored several how-to books on database programming & design, and other computer-related topics. He also has experience creating user help/how-to materials to be distributed in printed, HTML, and Windows Help formats (including context-sensitive help), as well as technical documentation for databases (such as data dictionaries). Matthew also has experience creating and preparing proposal and grant documents.

Show DetailTraining & Presentation

Matthew has experience teaching and training people on a variety of computer-related topics such as programming how-to, database design, and computer ergonomic safety. Matthew has often been an invited guest lecturer. Matthew teaches individuals and groups small or large.

Show DetailManagement

Matthew's management skills have enabled him to operate a sole-proprietor consulting firm for over 20 years, and to serve as a project manager or management team participant in projects such as software & database development, software deployments, and others.