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Many businesses discover that off-the-shelf software doesn't satisfy their needs.
Often, a business just needs a few small-scale productivity tools unique to their situation.

Matthew builds affordable applications tailored to your needs, whether a full-blown enterprise-wide system, or a simple calculator. Matthew can help you:

Click here to inquire about a type of project you don't see listed, or to describe your project and get pricing information.

♦   Reasonably Priced   ♦   Per-project Flat Fees   ♦   Rapid Turn-Around for Most Projects   ♦

Solutions For Any Business

Desktop & Network Applications

MS Access/Office VBA
MS Visual Studio VB.NET

25+ Years Creating Solutions For:

Customer Relations & Contacts

Sales & Billing

Inventory -◊- Shipping -◊- Purchasing

Project & Process Tracking

Tech Writing

Web Scraping -◊- HTML/XML/CSS

— Past clients say —

"You are fantastic! – G. Allen

"I am very impressed with your Forms Instance Manager…" –Dave B.

"…excellent job on this project." – Gary G.

"…technically competent and skilled…" – Michael P.

"…came through for me… a great job." – Hannah L.

"…conscientious and dependable…" – Dave P.

"You have done a really good job…" – Nathalie T.

Why Custom Software?

Turn-Key SystemsWork with complex data through an easy-to-use interface.

Improve EfficiencyAutomating workflow increases productivity & saves time.

EconomicalAmortized costs are typically much lower than competing solutions.

ConvenientWork the way you want, not the way off-the-shelf packages make you work.

Fill Unique NeedsEvery business is an individual – if there's no solution on the shelf – get one tailored for you.

Questions? Got a need or a wish in mind?
Tell me about your project!

♦ — Skills & Experience — ♦
(For a complete description of Matthew's skills, click here)

♦ Analyze & Successfully Model Business Data ♦

♦ Workflow & Process Analysis & Modeling ♦

♦ Application Feature Specifications & Other Design Criteria ♦

♦ Object-oriented Design ♦

♦ Familiarity With .NET, MS Office, HTML & XML Objects ♦

♦ Modify & Debug Programs Written By Others ♦

♦ Maintain, Convert, or Expand Existing Databases & Software ♦

♦ Multi-User Databases for Local- and Wide-Area Networks ♦

♦ Data Interchange & Format Conversion ♦

♦ Documentation & Tutorials in Windows Help & HTML Formats ♦

♦ Management of Software Design, Development & Deployment ♦

♦ — Examples of Past Projects — ♦
(For actual case histories, click here)

♦ Customer Service Management – 65,000+ customers ♦

♦ On-The-Fly Calculators – Pricing/Profit, Estimates, Commissions ♦

♦ Point of Sale/Purchase – hundreds of transactions daily ♦

♦ Donor Management – money donations & via events/purchases ♦

♦ Report to Top Management – chart & text summaries ♦

♦ Academic Research – double-blind trials, data aggregation ♦

♦ Design & Implement Disaster Recovery Procedures ♦

♦ Data-Entry Systems for MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word ♦

♦ Automate MS Office – mail-merge/e-mail from MS Access or Excel ♦

♦ Documentation – Data Dictionaries, Tutorials, Design Specs, more ♦

♦ Web Scraping – store & analyze Web data in MS Office ♦

♦ Lower rates available to 501(c) non-profit corporations ♦